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Anxiety Therapy in California with Eric Reyes, LCSW


You’re considering therapy because thoughts swirl inside your head like leaves caught in a swirling storm.

Why can’t I stop worrying so much!?  Anxiety doesn’t have to get in the way of you living your life the way you really want and without losing sleep over it!

“What if?”  This echoes relentlessly in your inner voice. Catastrophic thoughts play out repeatedly. Sleep eludes you, slipping between anxious fingers and the ticking alarm clock. The night becomes a battleground where worries continue, leaving you exhausted when the sun comes up. Doubt and fear rise like a giant wave, threatening to drown everything and crashing against the fragile shores of your beautiful mind.

"Am I enough?”  You wonder as self-criticism gnaws at your core.  Past traumas lie buried deep, like stubborn weeds growing on your lawn that keep growing back, affecting your life in the present moment and causing you to feel uncertain about making most decisions.

"What if I fail?”  You ask, fearing judgment and rejection by others. Your body feels burning symptoms—an accelerated heartbeat and shallow breaths. It shakes like an earthquake, signaling an alarm to find a way to hide yourself from people. Avoidance becomes both your refuge and your prison.  Not attending crowded places or social gatherings because you’d rather run and hide to find comfort in solitude.

Let's look at the broad impact of anxiety on various areas of your life.

At work, you may be performing a juggling act.


  • Your Productivity: Anxiety can cast a shadow over work efficiency. Racing thoughts, fear of failure, and perfectionism may hinder focus and creativity.
  • Your Interpersonal Dynamics:   You become anxious and may second-guess yourself in meetings, avoid networking, or struggle with assertiveness.
  • You Burnout: The relentless battle within your head drains energy. Burnout looms as anxiety chips away at your resilience.

Your Personal Relationships might go through a rippling effect: 

  • Intimacy:  Anxiety can create emotional distance. Fear of vulnerability may hinder deep connections.
  • Communication:  Your overthinking leads to misinterpretations. Honest conversations become elusive.
  • Trust:  Your anxiety creates doubt. Trust erodes when anxiety whispers, “What if?”

You struggle silently in your Social Life: 

  • Social Events: Crowded gatherings trigger discomfort. Social anxiety may lead to isolation.
  • Friendships: Fear of judgment may prevent reaching out. Friendships begin to fall apart when anxiety isolates.
  • Self-Image: Anxiety distorts self-perception. The mirror reflects doubts, not strengths.

Your personal growth is an uphill climb: 

  • Risk Aversion: Anxiety clings to the familiar. Venturing beyond comfort zones feels perilous and dangerous.
  • Self-Care: Anxiety often neglects self-care. Sleep suffers, hobbies fade, and joy comes and goes.

RESILIENCE:  Yet, within anxiety’s storm lies resilience—the seed of growth.

Remember, seeking therapy isn’t just about alleviating symptoms; it’s about reclaiming life—a canvas where anxiety doesn’t dictate every stroke.


Calm after therapy for anxiety


  • Morning Rituals: Instead of waking to a racing heart, you’ll greet the day with intention. Your simple breathing exercises will replace frantic thoughts.
  • Navigating Challenges: Anxiety will no longer hijack your every decision. You’ll face challenges with clarity, not chaos.
  • Restful Nights: Your Sleep will become your sanctuary.  Your Dreams will weave stories of hope, not worry.
  • Relationships:  Your relationship bridges will rebuild.
  • Intimacy Rediscovered: Your vulnerability will bloom, and you will once again be able to share your fears and dreams, knowing they’ll be met with empathy.
  • Authentic Conversations: Anxiety’s fog lifts. You’ll soon express feelings openly, bridging gaps with loved ones.
  • Trust Restored:  Your doubt will retreat.  Your trust will deepen as you believe in your worthiness of connection.
  • Social Life: Will feel like A New Horizon 
  • Social Gatherings: You’ll attend events without dread.  You may experience your laughter echoes, and your friendships rekindle.
  • Self-Compassion: Anxiety’s grip loosens from you as you embrace your imperfections, knowing you’re human.
  • Confidence Blossoms: You’ll step into rooms, not as a shadow, but as radiant being.
  • Personal Growth: Your wings may beautifully expand like a sail in the wind.
  • Risk-Taking: Anxiety no longer cages you. You may leap toward opportunities, fueled by courage.
  • Self-Care Rituals: Baths, walks, art—these become your anchors. Your cup overflows with self-love.
  • Resilience: Storms still brew, but you weather the storms. Each problem starts to appear as a steppingstone. 

In this transformed life, anxiety isn’t eradicated—it’s understood, tamed, and harnessed. Anxiety may be there, but anxiety isn’t YOU and it is not YOURS.  Your awareness and insight grow.  Confidence blooms, relationships thrive, and self-worth becomes your strong foundation.


I understand your unique journey by:  

  • Listening Intently: Our sessions begin with you—the protagonist of your story. Your experiences, fears, and hopes take center stage. We listen without judgment, creating a safe space for vulnerability.
  • Unearthing Roots: Together, we delve into the soil of your past. What seeds of anxiety were sown? Traumas, patterns, and triggers emerge. Understanding these roots empowers growth. 

We then Tailor Strategies to You: 

  • Customized Toolbox: No one-size-fits-all solutions here. We craft strategies that resonate with your essence.  For example, breathing exercises, cognitive reframing, or coping skills and creative outlets—your toolbox is uniquely yours.
  • Skills for Storms: When anxiety swirls, you’ll have tools—mindfulness, grounding techniques, or self-compassion. These become your lifebuoys in choppy waters.

We map the Terrain: 

  • Goal Setting: What shores do you seek? Clarity emerges as we chart your goals. Whether it’s facing social situations or quieting the inner critic, we navigate step by step.
  • Obstacles and Detours: Anxiety isn’t linear. We anticipate roadblocks—those moments when fear whispers, “Turn back.” Together, we find alternate routes.

Celebrating Progress:

  • Small Victories: Each step forward deserves applause. Whether it’s attending a gathering or challenging negative thoughts, we celebrate. These victories weave your tapestry of resilience.
  • Reflections: We pause at viewpoints. How has anxiety shifted? What insights have you gained? Reflection fuels momentum.

Empowering Self-Compassion:

  • Inner Dialogue: Anxiety often berates. We rewrite the script. “You’re enough,” we whisper. Self-compassion becomes armor against self-criticism.
  • Embracing Imperfections: You’re not a flawless vessel; you’re a mosaic of scars and light. We honor both—the cracks and the gold.

In this person-centered voyage, you’re not alone. I’m your humble compass, guiding you toward calmer seas. Together, we’ll transform anxiety into resilience—a beacon lighting your path. 


Therapy for anxiety can empower you in various ways, allowing you to: 

●       Identify triggers and patterns: Understand what situations or thoughts exacerbate your anxiety.

●       Improve coping strategies: Learn effective techniques to manage anxiety symptoms.

●       Reconnect with yourself: Rediscover inner strengths and resilience.

●       Prioritize self-care: Establish healthy routines and prioritize your well-being.

●       Reduce avoidance behaviors: Gradually face fears and build confidence.

●       Trust your abilities: Develop self-trust and confidence in handling anxiety.

●       Enhance communication skills: Improve how you express your feelings and needs.

●       Explore underlying beliefs: Understand the roots of anxiety and challenge unhelpful thoughts. 

Remember, therapy with me is a collaborative journey where you’ll gain insights, tools, and support to navigate anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life.


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